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Modification: Modular Combat
Position: Many (See below)

Modular Combat is a HL2 modification that has been around since 2008 and has been enjoyed by thousands of players. Gameplay primarily consists of PvP combat but there are many different gamemodes that introduce different styles of combat (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Cooperative Player vs Monsters, Player vs Player vs Monsters). Modular Combat takes fighting to a whole new level through an RPG-like system. Kill players and monsters for EXP, gain enough EXP and you level up and receive EXP points. Spend EXP points on modules that give you special abilities like Cloak, Jetpack, Teleport, Minions, Flechettes, etc.

The mod is taking a new direction by reinventing itself (Modular Combat 2) in another engine (Alien Swarm) and as a result we have new positions that need to be filled.

We currently have 2 programmers, a modeller, a mapper and a beta tester but we need more if we are to make this game the greatest it can be.

The reason why we're changing engines is because Valve updated the resource format last year and it broke the current version (a fix is available) and rather than keep using an outdated engine (Source 2007) we figured we should use a newer one and the Alien Swarm engine offers a lot of great features (better graphics and an AI director).

Positions are open in the following fields:

Mechanics Programmer
Artist Programmer
Texture Artist/Graphics
Audio Designer
Level Design (Mapping, Alien Swarm uses Hammer with BSP version 2)
Beta Tester

If you're interested, please post your application at
(Forum registration not needed but encouraged)

ModDB: &
Valve Greenlit us on February 7th after just 11 days of being on Steam Greenlight. This is an extremely fast greenlight considering most games take over 10 months to be Greenlit.

We're close to having a complete team. The following positions are what's needed the most:


If you or anyone you know might be interested, then please post your application at (you do not need to create an account).

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