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Looking for someone who wants to run a big gaming community with Mumble voice server
Dear Friends,
Since I have some left over server spaces and bandwidth, I am willing to share this resource with you with a low price Mumble (Murmur) server to a large gaming community. This server is completely offered by me, I will be your only support (this is why I can offer you at this low price). I can only offer one Mumble server.

*** I can only offer one of this Mumble server. And NO, I am not planning to run a voice service provider. ***

Server type: Voice only - Mumble (Murmur)
Slots: 500
Standard Price: $0.15 per slot per month. ($75 per month) [USD]
Loyalty offer:
* $0.13 per slot per month if you pay for a full year. ($65 per month)
* $0.11 per slot per month if you pay for a full year, excluding first year. ($55 per month)
Payment method: Paypal Only
Refund: You have one week (In 7 days [168 hours] since your payment payment) to request your refund without any reason.
Physical server location: Montreal, Canada.
Server uptime: It is on a Windows machine, each month it will need to install update and restart, they should not last long. Other downtime I will pay your money back according to downtime length. For example your monthly payment is $75 and downtime was 7.2 hours, I will pay you 10% of your month payment back to your Paypal account. Personally I have other service running up there, downtime will be a painful for me as well.
Bandwidth: Maximum 1Gbps throughput
Firewall: Gigabit anti-DDOS firewall
IP address: You will get your private IP with default Mumble port.
Reverse IP: Available upon request.
Advertisement: None
Test Server/IP:

1. You are using this server at your own risk, I will not responsible for any damage, injury cause by using this service.
2. You may not use this service to hack and/or attack this or other computer system.
3. You are only permitted to use Murmur offered according to above description. Any other usage may consider as misuse and may result permanent service termination.
4. You are not allowed to host anything without copyright.
5. Anything agreement can be subjected to change.

1. Cheap in price compare to other service hosting company
2. Enterprise hardware and network
3. I do not need any of your personal information beside your name and paypal account name.
4. High service uptime, you get your payment back

1. Response time from me might be slow, I do expect that you are an expert managing your own server. However you can pay me to manage it for you if you want.

If you are interested, please contact through email: with a relevant title. Thank you.


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