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My GMOD server is very messed up
Hello I recently made a GMOD Prop Hunt server. The first problem is I can get on my server but my friends can't. Is it my portfowarding becuase I used the port 27015 to 27015 but I only did it on UDP. The server shows as but says my public ip is supposed to be but when both are on there is being used but in the start up it says How can I solve this? No one can join but I can and It is really annoying. This is my first time on these forums and I really need answers becuase I have tryed everything and I need help from someone who knows what they're doing.Sad

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type status in the srcds and copy it here
hostname: Code's GMOD Server
version : 13.07.05/24 5354 secure
udp/ip : (public ip:
map : gm_construct at: 0 x, 0 y, 0 z
players : 0 (5 max)

# userid name uniqueid connected ping loss state adr
Hi there, code!

That is not even a problem, just take it easy. The IP is an IPv4 address and are used for the router to manage around between PCs, printers, IP-phones and other devices in your home. The IP is the public IP people needs to reach you or the thing you're hosting. The port is something in a whole other part. Your server got the port: "27015" and that's the standard for a Counter-Strike Source server and that's fine. A website for example it will be the port "80", that would be used. Because I know it's 80 is, that in a router there are 1023 standard ports. That's all the "clever" people in the world that have decided that. Then we have all the free port from 1024 - 65535. These ports are available for all the random applications on the global network. Valve have just chosen 27015 to their application. The port are basically telling what application you are trying to reach. IP for the router and port for the application on your router. It's also therefor you can't have to IPv4 addresses with the same port. Then there would be someone trying to reach that port and he will get to devices?

Okay, so basically you'll just give your friend the public IP with the port after.
That's the IP he can connect to your server with.

He is searching for on the global network and finds your router. Then he is searching for the port 27015 and your router knows that you have binded the port 27015 to your IPv4 address that are and then he knows the computer or server to reach. Wolla connection found.

I thought that a little history didn't hurt. If you learned something it's only good, then you'll not make this mistake again. Wink
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