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Promoting a new server?
Hey guys, I was wondering about getting some advice about promoting a new server. We launched on Saturday and it's been steadyish. Got some 20 player matches on Sunday but mid-week it's been a bit quiet and that's even with advertising.

We initially promoted on Reddit and when we asked about promoting on the SPUF forums, got quite a bit of interest and our Steam group has grown to over 100 people. The server physical location is in France and run by a couple of people in UK and everyone who connects from the UK usually gets a ping <20, so we're happy with that.

Here's our hooks: Selection of stock maps, all voted on using Ultimate Map Chooser
Instant respawn (initially we weren't going to have this, but our regulars wanted it)
No pinion or premium mods
Currently running a giveaway to win an unusual
Full website and forums to try and build a community.

What would be the best way to get the word out?
Really, your best bet is having your current players spread the word.

Word of mouth is everything. If people hear other players talk about how wonderful your server is, they may just want to try it out!

Which game is it for?
Marcus T.
Managing Director - We're locked, loaded, and ready!
How is the adress of your website? I want to visit your page. Smile
Jonas E. Smile

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