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Come Check us out, we are a new clan and are developing and new gamemode for Garry's Mod, it will be a fully custom coded from scratch Role Playing mode, called Quark RP or something along those lines. If you want you can read more about us at the site: Here

Check us out!

Quark Gaming
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iRtehLeet™, loopyman, Paradox
Sounds neat, good luck with your venture! Smile
Marcus T.
Managing Director - We're locked, loaded, and ready!
I do not know about this game because it's the first time I see it, but I can say for sure that you should try to play cs go because it's much more interesting and thanks to the skins that I started buying, it became easier for me to complete missions and recently I bought awp elite build and I really like playing with it, the character has become more pumped.

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