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Who is FractalServers?
It's an understandable question, although not everybody reads these. We still find it important to include it; FractalServers is a GSP and a WebHosting company operating from all over the globe with employees of all ethnic origins and backgrounds. We do not limit our staff to any one specific region for the reason that clients can come from all around the world as well. All servers are however hosted in the US because of the integrity of its DC's.

Who are you looking for?
We are looking for people who fit the following criteria:
Good understanding of the English language and grammar.
Available at all hours of the day! (Of course we will take account of your location and time zone, we understand you need sleep!)
Hard working.
Aged 16 or above (We may consider younger if you have a refernece!)

What does the job involve?
The job involves you as the employee to make an outstanding effort to bring in as many clients as you can! You will have to scour the web to find intricate niches which require our services!

Will I be paid?
Of course you will! However all payments are subject to commission. This means that you will only be paid by bringing in customers. The reason we do this is because we cannot afford to pay people to sit around doing nothing! Which we know you wont!

That sounds awesome! Where do I sign up?!
Send an email to: which preferably includes the following information: Your name, your date of birth (DOB), a little bit about yourself, why you are suited for the job. And any other information you deem relevant.

After this we will contact you and begin a trial period. In this period you only have to get 1 client to purchase a paid order. Then you will be employed full time for a period of 1 month. After this time we will discuss further employment terms!

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