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Windows 7 Explorer.exe problem
So I've been using windows 7 for quite some time, but recently, probably in the last few months, a weird problem has come up where I literally cannot navigate with explorer.exe because everything shows up as missing (so it keeps searching for files).
It looks like this:

I have no clue what's going on because if I (for example) use the navigational explorer.exe (pop-up if I'm uploading or downloading a video or browsing my system to find a place to extract things to with winrar or something) it does not show any lag and it shows all the files where they are supposed to be.

Therefore, I concluded it can't be my 2 velociraptors, but maybe something to do with explorer.exe itself, perhaps a virus? I have no clue because I've scanned with several different anti-viruses and nothing came up. Debating on reinstalling windows fresh, but I really don't want to if there is another method.

Any ideas about what could be at fault and possibly a solution?


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