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ISP keeps changing ip
recently just upgraded my internet to xtreme 105 from xfinity with a brand new DOCSIS 3.0 modem also bought a new router NETGEAR WNDR4500. For some reason my ISP keeps changing my ip address. They've done it twice in just a month. Anything i can do to make my ip stay the same? or do i have to call my isp to sort this out. thanks

edit: bleh i see they didnt give me a static ip address so they change my ip address every 24 hours. but i guess i can do a work around with it by make a account and then forward a domain to that dns.
No-ip will not allow people too add your server as favorite.

I would recommend talking with your ISP and see how much a static ip cost.
sadly they wont provide me with one :< and their "business class" tiers are nothing like what i have now. ive noticed if data is going through when the lease ends it renews it. also i only run one server and find no need to have to pay big bucks. i could just keep renewing the lease everyday and leave everything on 24/7 if a power surge happens i guess they can just check the main forum page for the shmod through eventscripts to get the new ip. Also incase it does change ip address's users can enter in a dynamic dns to get the new ip in their favorites

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