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PlugPayPlay - Best Priced GSP

If you're looking for low cost and a high quality way of gaming then is the GSP for you! With Gameservers starting from just 25p Per Slot, you really cannot go wrong. We host a variety of source games including Garrys Mod, Team Fortress 2, CSS, HL2 Deathmatch and much more.

With our high quality network infrastructure we will guarentee the lowest ping making your gaming experience better than the rest. Not only do we provide you with an excellent service, we also give you Free Webhosting and a Free Teamspeak 3 Server to help your server that little bit more.

We believe in a slow steady growth that is stable and sustainable. We believe in making a profit not from the individual, but form the collective.
We are able to use our economies of scale, the sheer quantity of powerful machines we own and our amazing connectivity which allows us to keep our costs to a minimum.

This coupled with new developments in game resource management allows us to host multiple instances in a stable environment. Will your server be overloaded? The answer is no. We maintain a peek performance rule where we do not load the CPU’s to more than 70% of their capacity to allow for spiking and other such occurrences.

We also limit the number of clients per hard drive as they are the biggest limiting factor of any current hardware build and the main reason why you experience poor registry aka “lag”. We are so confident in our network and performance that we even give a free test server on our most popular games. You can order test servers from here.

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