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CS:GO rcon say......
So we've had our server up for 3 days and it's populated 24/7....almost Big Grin

Today however, our "rcon say" command is not working.
It shows up as though it worked in the console, but doesnt actually appear to other players in game. It's like that for all 4 of our admins. I think this started with the new update, has anyone else noticed this?
On a side note..... How can I make the sm_csay show up longer in the screen for everyone?
I've noticed the same thing. Say works client side, but doing rcon say only shows up in console. It doesn't put the text into the chat box. I'm unsure of a way to achieve this task in CS:GO.
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Hmm I also just noticed this on my servers. I'm going to do some testing tonight.

Feel free to ask for server help! Big Grin

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