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SourceBans Hosting + special coupon!
Tired of trying to track down a host that allows you to use SourceBans?'s reseller servers fully support SourceBans. I am a reseller at

I am offering all of you a hosting account with 100 MB of disk space (plenty for SourceBans and a basic clan site) and 1000 MB of bandwidth (I barely use 500 MB monthly on my site as it is), plus unlimited MySQL databases, subdomains, email accounts, FTP accounts, etc. for only $5 per month. Remote MySQL is fully supported.

But wait! As a special offer to, you can use the coupon code SRCDSDISCOUNT to get an instant 20% off the lifetime of your account.

HostGator's servers use cPanel, the industry-leading control panel solution. Additionally, get a free or subdomain for your website, or you can use your own domain!

If 100 MB of space and 1000 MB of bandwidth are too restricting for you, you can instead order Premium hosting, which includes 1000 MB of space and 10000 MB of bandwidth, for only $8.00 per month, after you use the SRCDSDISCOUNT coupon code.

Need a site template? Simply pick from HostGator's massive library and submit a support ticket with the template ID, and I will provide it for you.

For more information and to sign up, click here:
[Image: 76561198006409530.png]
If I helped you, I would love some rep. Smile

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