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Strange problem?
I am using the scrds application to host my own gmod server.
The appliation has a console in which I can enter commands.
Whenever I join my server, It says that I am not an Admin.
What is the command for the scrds application that allows me to permanently set me as an admin.
I HAVE ALREADY set the users.txt or config file so that I am a superadmin, but it has no affect!
Please tell me what the command is!

Here is my users.txt or config or whatever:

// This is your users file
// You can use this file to add people as admins on your server
// Add them to the relevant section
// If you're a Lua coder you can add your own sections and use them
// in your script by doing pl:IsUserGroup( "admin" ) etc

//"Samg381" "STEAM_0:1:41910048"

//"Samg381" "STEAM_0:1:41910048"


(also doesnt work when I just make me one or the other admin or superadmin)

I need to make myself admin on my scrds server, yet It doesnt work
I need a permanent fix
Hi Samg381,

Try removing the // in front of your name.
Typing // in front of something in configuration files will make the software skip that line so you can add comments to the config file.

Removing the // in front of you Username and SteamID should fix your problem.
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