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Some spare time
Hey guys,

Hope you are all doing well, it's been a while since I have been active on these forums but don't worry, I never left you all alone even though I didn't post.
Lately I've been getting my life on track, new job, new hobbies, less games. Now that everything settling down and my companies projects are starting to get to a finishing point I feel like trying to help out a bit again.
Although my experience has became a bit rusty, I still find quite a lot of stuff the same. I kinda stopped using the SRCDS about 1,5 years ago so the whole transition of CSS etc to the orange box I just missed.
I plan on frequenting the boards a bit more again, no promises though. Lets try with a few times a week for starters haha!

Please if I write something wrong don't hesitate to correct me, that way you will help the OP and update me with the new changes also.

Cya around guys Smile
Glad to see you're back! Smile
Glad to see you around, Drocona!
Welcome back?
Welcome back bud!
Ryan White
Owner & CEO
ah cool.
It sounds nice.

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