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My Apology Thread
ok, it has been sometime since I have been on this forum, so I would like to come back and say sorry for some of the stupid post I did then, I also realized how stupid I acted when posting here.

So let me get start by saying sorry to the Admin's. Also to someone that helped me a lot and I never took his advise "Loopyman", I feel sorry for him, the reason being because I always messed him and trying to get more and more info. When yet I could have just came to the forum.

Also I would like to say sorry to Goilio, I mouthed at him when I should have just listen and I understand why I received the infractions I did, when I did. This thread isn't for me to become the perfect member here, but to show that I have change and grown from my stupidity days.

To any members I missed I am sorry, I was referring to these members because I cause the most problems for them. Also I would like to thank everyone for every helping me and putting up with me.

People I Respect:
iRtehLeet™, loopyman, Paradox
Nice idea. i like it.

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