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Looking for Seniour Game Server Provider Staff
Looking to setup game server hosting company, i can do it by myself however the company would work better and be more sucessful if we are able to get a team together to help make the business more sucessful.

Are you a gamer? Have managed and maintained servers? Are you looking for a job in the game server provider industry? Then why not apply for this great opportunity.

What staff are we looking for and what would you have to know:
• Looking for senior staff with skills and ability to help setup, maintain customer’s servers and files.
• Familiar with TCAdmin/WHMCS/WHT
• Knowledge of game server files/Mods/plug-ins?
• Experience dealing with customers?
Additional (Not required but help).
o Creative Mind.
o Leadership skills
o Coding and Photoshop
If you have these you are fit for the job as support staff.

Why not send us over your application and you’re CV and we will access your application. All applicants must be over the age of 18.

Send your application over to
Tell us a little about the company? What makes it special? Do you have a name yet? Where is it registered?
This looks interesting, But I would like to know more information before considering.
Could you answer to Nisd and in addition what do you offer in return?
Best Regards,

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