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TF2 Dedicated Server: Game not public
Hi all,
Recently I've been trying to set up a dedicated TF2 Server.
So far I have
1. Port Forwarded and DMZed
2. Downloaded all necessary files for the server
3. Run the server and successfully connected on LAN
4. Changed sv_lan to 0
5. Set up tf_identity_token
6. Attempted and failed connection from a different computer through the public IP (connect

Server OS: Windows 8.1 Pro
Processor: Intel i5-3210m @ 2.50Ghz (+boost 3.20Ghz). 2 physical cores 4 processors. hyperthreaded
Ram: 12GB
Start Up Command: F:\TeamFortressServer\server\srcds.exe /wait -console -game tf +map plr_hightower +maxplayers 24
Admin Mods: None

Thanks Smile
Is there a software firewall installed?
Ryan White
Owner & CEO

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