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FTP help
After many, many failed attempts, i have discovered, i suck at FTP, so i wanted to ask if anyone could set up an ftp server with this map:
Put this in server.cfg

Quote:// Fast Download
sv_allowupload 1
sv_allowdownload 1
sv_downloadurl ""

I have uploaded the map to the FTP account I made for you.
As said, I've uploaded the map.

Do what I wrote in the previous post, and your FastDL should work.

Here is a direct link to the file, so you can see that it does work.

If you find issues with it, the problem is in your servers settings, and maybe your clientsettings.

Remember to enter cl_downloadfilter all and sv_allowdownload 1 and sv_allowupload 1 in your CLIENT console as well.
Can you give any kind of feedback?

Does it work?

If yes, a thank you would be nice! :-)

And change Title to [RESOLVED]

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