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[TF2] Game hangs on disconnecting from my server.
Hello , I don't know if this is already mentioned somewhere on this forum , (no time to search Sad ) but these days I am encountering an annoying feature: When someone disconnects from my server , his game just hangs from a few seconds to whole minutes (this is related to client's pc too) , and I find it really very annoying. The same delay occurs when I just quit the game by pressing F10 or menu option "quit".

I am sure that this happens only on my server , because I tried playing at LotusServers , and they have zero delay when I leave the game (just perfect).

So , why this happening? I tried disabling Sourcemod , and Metamod , replay , even setting a separate vanilla server on the same machine , but the problem still existed!!!

Even tried taking server files to host them to a better cpu performance fps , and still , the delay was there!!!

So , how to fix this? I am looking forward for your reply.
Ok , I figured out that SV_PURE 1 caused this , but I don't want any material wallhackers on my server or sound exploiters , is there any way to have sv_pure 1 without this disconnect-delay?

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