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Bad vphysics swap for prop_ragdoll
It seems about after 20 to 25 minutes this error will appear and the server crashes... Anyone know a fix to this?

If you need additional information just ask..

Thanks in advance!
Gee thanks guys you are truely the best.
The reason why people don't respond is because you don't give any information on the type of server you're running. Here are examples of what you should share information on;
  • What's the name of the game you're hosting a server for?
  • Do you rent your server from a gsp or host it from home?
  • What OS is the server being hosted on? Linux, mac, or windows.
  • Do you have any addons installed that might be causing this problem?
These are perfect examples of things you should shared.

Guessing from prop_ragdoll I assume it's a Garry's Mod server?
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