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Someone wana help me with high server ping?
On my server sometimes when we play the ping gets up to 200-800! i dont understand why! please help me.

Server OS:Windows 7 home premium
Processor:AMD turion™ II Neo N40L Dual-Core processor 1.50ghz

Ram: 8 gb
Game(s): Counter strike souce
Start Up Command: -console -game cstrike -port 27015 -maxplayers 30 +map hoejhus9 +exec server.cfg -exec server.cfg

Admin Mods:Sac admin, Sourcemod
Your processor is complete garbage... Maybe your laptop shouldn't be hosting the game server.
Also it's recommend you don't run servers on home internet.
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oh :S its not a laptop.. its a server computer :S i have hade server on my computer before with players on without lag but now it come sometimes big lag!! ping 200-800 :S idk how to fix that

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