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OK, i have a server i set it up correct, the thing im stuck on is, when i join the server costom maps download fast but it disconnects me. i have sv_allow 1 all those command correct ? sv_pure1 so idk what else i can do.

BTW i download coustom skins and that works perfect, just not maps
You cant download maps from your own pc.Doenst matter you set them in FastDL or something like that.The others players will download them normal but you can not download them from yourself.I have tried this a 100 times Smile
kvazimodera, I don't think you understand him correctly.

Brian, set sv_pure to 0, sv_allowdownload 1, sv_allowupload 1 and sv_downloadurl "" in server.cfg

On the FastDL, make sure you have the map in a folder called "maps".
Sorry for the off topic Smile.I understand him perfect cause i met this problem.I have the maps on a program called Vertigo Serv.I have all comand u said to him he shall put.I have them in my srcds server folder i have them on vertigo serv.I dont have them in the game folder of css.I enter in my server.Its showing me its downloading the map but it disconect me cause actioaly didn't.With the skins i am ok too its download me the skins.But if he want to play on his server he has to copy the maps from the server he use for fast download to the game manually Smile.
ok i did all that before and like i downlaod it and it disconnects me. soo idk ?

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