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problem connecting to my own server
hope someone can tell me whats wrong, because i have hosted a DOD:S server by using srcds on my computer, but i can't connect to it from the same pc as it is hosted on, what is wrong?

other people can connect to it, and i can also do that but i have to use another computer.

i have also an CS:S server on my computer, but that server can i use from the same pc, so please tell me whats wrong
Try creating a plain listen server inside your game. Click create server. SRCDS was not meant to be ran and played on the same computer.
it works just fine when i am creating a server inside of the game, but i wanted to create a server outside of the game so i don't have to be inside of the game all the time. so isn't there any way i can get it to work so i can host and play from the same computer, because as i said in the start i can do both things when i host a CS:S server

and actually i think a friend of mine has got it to work just fine that way, but we can't find an answer on this problem since he is using windows XP, and i use the VISTA

and just a question more, why can't i host 2 different servers from the same computer, they have different port's. the first starts fine, but the 2nd server is getting this error "couldn't allocate dedicated source TV UDP port" and i haven't activated source tv on these servers. :S
Here is your 2 options to make sure it works:

1) Rent a Game server from a Game Server Provider
2) Buy a new computer to host the server on
thanks for these answers, but i was asking for a way to fix it so i can host and play from the same computer, and i need this too work since i am going on a LAN next weekend and there is no internett connection at this place, so that is why i have to be able to both host and play from the same computer.

so please tell me how to fix it without buying a new computer or a internett server
That's the problem, you are NOT supposed to do that, hence the problems you have with the server show up.

Depending on the game you want to host, any CPU better than P3 1GHz will most likely run the server you want so if you have an old computer around use that.
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