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Stress testing my server tonight need some people
Hey, I created a server, and thanks to facepunch we know now that it works!, However, I would like to see the ping and lag on the server and the computer im hosting it on when there are 24 players. Thats why I was hoping for some people to join tonight at 5pm eastern time for stress testing. Much appreciated!
Server Ip:
A nice banner
[Image: b_160x400_T2_F-1-2.png]
where is the server located city wise and for me 5 is kind of early
looks to be in Michigan and on comcast....
yup your right!
not to be mean or anything but you don't meet the 30 post requirement to post in the big commercial pit, and i feel that it might be better off if it was on off topic because your not really advertising anything
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Good point. . .
Ryan White
Owner & CEO
this is starting now, PLEASE JOIN!

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