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Uber 64 slot server question?
[Insert world's best processor for hosting servers here (you know... best one you know]

Now... let's say you have 100/100 speed for internet...

32 GB ram...

Now let's think about this...
If server processors have only gone to 6 core now...

How can you make srcds for 1 server run on 1 core with 64 slot and it to still be stable?

(Random question I want the answer too)

Can srcds utilize more than 1 core than?

Someone explain Wink
SRCDS only uses one core.
What game are you running?
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fqdn Wrote:if you've seen the any of the matrix movies, a game server is not all that different. it runs a version of the game that handles the entire world for each client connected. that's the 2 sentence explanation.
Eh... Let's try css?
how do you guys know it only uses 1 core?
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steam never adapted multi treading to its games so its been like that
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So how would you host a 64 slot without lagging the shit out of it? O_O
33 tick, tank of a server, right rates, and just get on your knees and prey!
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Does anyone know... I'm so curious to find out TounguePP
To be honest, you don't need to set it to one core, let windows do that. Again, set the server to 66 tick, 33 is preferred, and set the correct rates as well. Have a descent connection, nice server, should be fine.
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Actually I know the owner of this server:

It's a 60 slot server running at 66 tickrate on one of the higher performance quad core xeons.

Tickrate drops in the beginning and slowly climbs up and is stable when 40-50 players are still shooting, CPU usage is 100% pretty much all the time at the start, then it starts dropping back.
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Damn 60 slots! I'm waiting for a on hundred and twenty eight slot slot server Smile.
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Running 64 slots really revolutionizes Multiplayer Gaming in the fact that you are playing with soo many other people, in some cases, you will never be alone in a map. There will always be an enemy near.
Ok, there is really no point in having more that 4 gb of ram for one srcds server, the 32 bit application will not see all 32 gb and will only see about 3.7 gb. Also srcds is only a single threaded application so it can only use one core at a time. If you are going to have more than 3 servers on that box you will want to reserve a core just for the 64 slot monster. Also i learned from my friend in the GSP buisness that multiple srcds' will not see all of the 32gb of ram, it will only see 1byte- 3.7 gb for all of them so really having over 4gb is useless.
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I vote that since that this is unavailable that we or valve finally update SRCDS to make it so that it can have multithreaded technology and let it be 64-bit app so it may use more then 3.7GB of ram so that these servers can become more and more beastly and that there can be more and more players on server. Smile
Yes, but valve is lazy and supposedly working on an episode 3
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