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Legit UserID - unplayable dedicated CS:S
I downloaded the dedicated server with steam-tarded-menu and all.
No costum settings or changes.
No firewall active, not using router.

I'm running the server on the same computer im playing CS:S on (quadcore etc)

It works perfectly for others to join and play but everytime i try to connect to my own dedicated server, steam kicks me from the game "invalid userid ticket bla fucking bla".

I have tried:
Starting server while offline but then its stuck on lan ip - unplayable
Deleting .blob files - no effect.
Reloging steam - no effect
Search the internet for hints and clues for 5(hear me now belive me later) hours - but Im still clueless, I rather watch undryable paint get dry than try to browse steam's junkboard for constructive posts about this dilemma.

I sure as hell aint buying a 2nd computer and another steam-account when this house-heating-machine can run 2-3 games simultaneusly.

Help me you are my only hope!
First, you are using the wrong tool to run servers. that's what you need. SRCDS doesn't care that you have some god-send computer either. You ARE not supposed to play and host on the same computer so don't be surprised if it doesn't work. You also do not need a steam account to run SRCDS.
realchamp Wrote:
Hazz Wrote:Has someone helped you on these forums? If so, help someone else
Mooga Wrote:OrangeBox is a WHORE.
I should be surprised when things i expect to work dont.
Not "suppose" to run a server on the same computer? We arent "suppose" to do alot of things but we do them anyway becuase we CAN, that is the essence of our god-send soul.
I know none cares about my hardware, and please dont insinuate i take pride in owning a "god-send" piece of shit, its just a toy.
I was only trying to explain i cant affoard a 2nd computer just cause steam dont know what they are doing.

But thx for the help, i do hope it works.
Ok: we are just laying down the 2 basic rules:

1) Don't play and host the server on the same computer
2) Use the SRCDS console compared to the Steam tool in GUI

No matter your hardware, it is bad. Whether you have a single core or quad core, it's still bad. And a computer is not just a toy. We were not flaming you, but you seem to be contradicting our knowledge...
Yes, it's not that we don't want you to host on the same computer you play on, most of the time you CAN'T!
realchamp Wrote:
Hazz Wrote:Has someone helped you on these forums? If so, help someone else
Mooga Wrote:OrangeBox is a WHORE.
Ok... thats really frustrating
In the old days of 1.3 i had no problem hosting dedicated on the campus computers(over internet, not lan) while playing, but im a bit rusty now as the tech has progressed.
I thought it would be easier by now with so much more cpuSad

So basicly steam built in a feature to hamper simplicity and promote the server-industry? clever, but evil!

1)Rules are ment to be broken, I will find a way to break it.
2) /nod

I been looking into the FAQ:s they are not very helpfull, nor are the hits i get on google about hosting your own dedicated to play on.
Can anyone please point me into the right direction? I am so out of my element here.(the steam userid issue)
All i wanto do is play the game, like i used to do all those years ago.. i have to admit they made the game a little better, but only becuase normal computers can run it smoother now.
The only thing that is meant to run and play on the same computer is that little "Create Server" option on the CS:S Main main Toungue
Make sure the required ports are open and that firewalls aren't blocking any traffic that goes to the masterservers.

Usually when this happens there's simply a problem reaching the masterservers for validation of your clients.
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Yes, it is curious how the signal is lost when im not using any sort of firewall/router...

The only explenation i can think of is that the dedicated is the first to connect and auth, and then when im trying to play the game while hosting, my 2nd auth then becomes invalid.
But it doesnt explain how im able to stay on the server if I dont let anyone else join. Its mindboggling, maybe srcds setup will work since it dont use auth?

Edit:- Working perfectly, thx alot for the help Big Grin
I can host on the same pc and play? O_O

But.. I don't... I mean it works.. but I use a secondary one for the uber fast servers (100 tick) Wink

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