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Need help with Server
Yahoo: Mikerider123
AIM: Mikerider123

I have been waiting in the Source Dedicated Server chat for a day with no one getting on. :-/ The sticky needs to be updated as the group is to big to PM users with out adding them and no one is in chat.

I could use the help as fast as possible.
Why don't you just post your question here in these forums? We are generally fast, and many people are here to answer questions!
I have a lot, why I wanna use messenger.
lol post in here b/c your not getting ma msn lol
FINE! Toungue

Ok, installed l4d no issue but once the server is up I can not join it unless I set "sv_lan 1". That makes it so other people can't join from the internet right? (Answered)

How do I set it up so I can join the server?

Any Mani-like plugin for l4d? (Answered)

Using the GUI what are "Variable" and "Value" for?

What Ports need to be unblocked? Just 27000-27015, 1200-1200, 27020-27039? (Server ip: (Answered)
Tried everything I can think of and I can't get it to work. PortForwarding is set up, static ip, nothing is helping.
Join through outside server ip when sv_lan 0, sourcemod is for admin your gonna need to set it up. yes, unblock those ports
[Image: b_350x20_C002748-004880-FFFFFF-000000.png]
pengy Wrote:Join through outside server ip when sv_lan 0, sourcemod is for admin your gonna need to set it up. yes, unblock those ports

"" is outside.
"" is inside

"connect" Will not connect me.

This is the Server Side Console from time of crash.

"mismatching cookie from, client 0, server 18401316aa76009!
RejectConnection: - Invalid user info."
I can join my server if someone is in it...
Still having issues.

Ingame consoles is getting messed up. Status and whatnot is getting randomized before being displayed. Like the echo commands are getting messed up.

] meta list
Listing 1 plugin:
[01] <ERROR>
] meta retry 1
Error reloading plugin: Failed to get API
Still no luck with SourceMod error.
Got SourceMod working. Had to try 3 dailies to get it working.
Still can't join my own server.

This forum is so dead.
This forum has more than 100 unique users per day logging on, you just need some patience.

Just the fact that you made 6 posts in a row doesn't want me to help you really...
Your posts don't make sense either, what is the problem you are having now?

Still can't join your server doesn't help much.. Do you host from the same computer as you play on? if so then that's your problem.
Info already given...

I can only join my server is sv_lan is set to 1, when it is set to 0 someone needs to join the server first.

""mismatching cookie from, client 0, server 18401316aa76009!
RejectConnection: - Invalid user info." "

Is the error I get in server console if I try to join.

And if I don't make sense it is because I have been working on this server for 3 days with no sleep trying to get it to run and I am annoyed because my clanmates yell at me when I am trying to get there server up.

Another question. When they server goes from vs to camp to vs only 4 players can join, how can I fix that?

Another question. How to I set it up so if the server crashes or shutdown is automatically comes back up.

_restart doesn't see, to restart it, just shuts it down.

Can someone just add me to me to messanger so I can ask questions and you can get the info you need right away?
I personally don't add people to any messengers anymore, this due to the fact that my previous e-mail had more than 500 contacts and became a complete mess next to the fact that I'm not working for a VALVe Helpdesk.

The sv_lan problem, not sure what is going on, it shouldn't matter what you set that to actually. Are you connecting from your own network to your server? If so, use the internal IP to connect to it.

About the mode switch, do you have your maxplayers set to 14? Try that, it works fine with my servers I launched yesterday.

The automatic startup can be done with a batch file, we actually made that batch file here on these forums, it's called the SRCDS Guardian, if you search for it you should find every bit of info you need on it.

The _restart command has never worked, you always need a batch file or some program like serverchecker or serverdoc. As for Left 4 Dead, I've seen a few crashes where it simply hangs and nothing changes, I don't think there is a way to recover from those yet but we'll see.

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