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Psychostats Plugins...
All of the ones I have come across are pretty crap to be frank. Im currently running 2x TF2 servers on a dedi box (3 as soon as i figure out why one of them is using heaps more CPU than it should) and I have Psychostats taking stats from both. Now as great as the online stats page is for myself and the rest of my clan, its not really that convenient for "Joe the Random Pub Player" neither does it provide an incentive to return.

So far I have come across...
1. A plugin that just didn't work,
2. PsychoReader, which dosen't work in TF2, annoying considering its exactly what i want in terms of functionality.
3. Another simply sourcemod plugin which is brilliant, but only queries MySQL at map change, and i would prefer it to be much more frequent.

Is there anymore that I haven't come across? I would rather not install another admin mod to make use of a plugin but if it is the only way then I guess i'll have to bite the bullet. My new dedicated server is getting awfully popular very quickly. The server has only been up for approx 36 hours but according to psychostats, we've already had 1354 connections ( ). However i would like to turn those random players into regulars and i think that a good stats system would be the way to do it.

Cheers, Adam
I think OrganDonor is giving you unclear information...

I use HLStatsX Community Edition (, which you can find a sample of at my site ( I love this stats system because of how detailed it is, although a little bit tricky to setup.

MOD Edit: fixed your link, you typed the L in HLstats twice Smile

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