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Server Crasher report!
This is my second hackers report...

THE STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:8690711
Is a person named unnamed... who goes on peoples servers for like 30 minutes, then crashes the server and everyone....
The error is: TEST LOOP

Ban him straight away he will rape your server.

That's this hacker report, it's a lot shorter... But I'm telling everyone to add this fucker to your banlist, unless you want your server to "TEST LOOP" crash, and it's not mic spam, it's some hack, I don't know...

Hope this was useful! Big Grin
Also, sadly, it crashed too fast for me to take a screeny of the huge error that comes up on the srcds.exe... I hope you guys ban this hacker too, and have a safer crash free server!

*Hope this was useful* and thanks for reading
Although you may think this is helpful to other server operators, it's really sort of an annoyance, and almost considered spam. Feel free to make a log of these bans somewhere, and make a link to it in your Signature.

I'm afraid I was just going to post something like Beaverbeliever just posted...

I have no clue how you manage to get your server "hacked" all the time, it really isn't possible for that to happen unless you are inviting people to do it or have something running on the server that is an open door to your server control.

There isn't anything we can do about it, and frankly, after 1 time you say you got hacked it's enough. All the other servers of people are running fine, they get "hacked" VERY VERY rarely after a bad update or so leaving a security hole or something.

I suggest you keep a blog or something like Bearbeliever said and try to set a record or something, as long s it's not here. It doesn't add anything to these forums and we can't do anything with it either. And I think I said that in the first place.
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Thanks Dracona, and may I also add to make sure your sv_cheats is set to 0 in your server.cfg Wink
Yep it is Smile

I'll keep a log...

And there is no holes, i got classic
I was just saying... incase this fucker went around crashing everyone

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