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[PHP] Open Source - Online FPS Checker
With this script you can check your server fps with only your ip, port, & rcon password. The design probaly looks the same in Internet Explorer (Never checked) but I suggest that everyone should use Firefox Big Grin (Should work in all browsers since its valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional).
Credits to ColdFire for the base for my rcon class.

Screenshot (Mozilla Firefox 3):
[Image: fpscheckeran6.png]

Live demo:
obviously not working...

.zip (Size: 3.31 KB / Downloads: 61)

Hopefully there arent that many bugs and hopefully it works on 1000fps servers too Big Grin
Please post results here Smile
Du keder dig Big Grin Toungue

Ej, det gas.

Good job! I think there's alot of people who don't know the rcon stats that could find good use of this!
Yea, I only made this because I was playing with tokenizing the response of rcon commands Big Grin
One step closer to webbased administration.

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