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Making my ping higher in my dedicated server
I know this might be a dumb question, but i was wondering if there was anyway i can make my ping higher than 5 in my dedicated server, that way people wont think im the one hosting the dedicated server. im looking more for a ping of maybe 15+
LOL Why would you want a higher ping? Sometimes it feels good to have the lowest ping in the server Toungue

You might try setting your cl_cmdrate to a higher number than 30 or so, which is default. Try setting it to 90, but I am not sure if it will work.
its because when we are scrimming, i dont want them to know it is a dedicated server hosted by me
Just tell them you are really close to a colocation center where the server is located ;P
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If the connection is good you will simply get a low ping.

When I join a server in a datacenter 20 miles from me I get an average ping of 10, which will show up in game as a latency of 5 in the score list.
Also, running a scrim server hosted by you, why would that be a problem?
If the server is running at the settings they are supposed to run on then it's perfectly fine?
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Or you could just tell everyone your ping masking. lol
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I get pings as low at 5 and 8 on public servers.
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