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How do you remove.. (MANI ADMIN PLUGIN HELP)
How do you remove access from admins to use the LAST MENU (fyi... @menu then press 9 then client admin, I don't want people being able to mess with other peoples status... ONLY ME) How do I disable that menu from them?
Go ingame type @menu goto the last page, then client management(I think).

Now press "Update Clients".

Select the user, and you will see ALL frags in a menu, go through the menu's to find the Client Admin Access.
(Page 2, 3 or 4).
Oh okay, will do Smile

Thanks for saving my ass the 11th time now ^_^


PS: Mastering all the functions of mani admin plugin is hard O_o

You know it might help if you try reading the DOCUMENTATION first.

We are simply quoting stuff from the readme, why don't you read it yourself Smile
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