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[server.cfg] Hi everybody, need some help on 24/7 Dustbowl...
Hi everybody, I need some help on setting the server.cfg.

I am hosting a 24/7 Dustbowl server for my fellow gamers. I want to set it up likes many
other 24/7 Dustbowl, that it won't change map often, because usually the players like to keep
playing and reach to a high scores. Changing map just reset their scores and they leave the server...

I have been searching for an answer, yet still couldn't find the solution (..., I admit..., I suck... Cool),
and here is what I have tried:

First, as my own trial and error attempt, I changed the "mp_winlimit":

From: mp_winlimit 3 // the default value.
To: mp_winlimit // I just give no value to it at all.

It helped to make the game last through all three stages. Yet after that, the map
get changed (or reload, since it is just one map).

So I did the same thing to the "mp_maxrounds":

From: mp_maxrounds 4
To: mp_maxrounds // again, no value.

Yet, the map still changed after Stage 3.

Then, I tried to set "mp_maxrounds" as:

From: mp_maxrounds
To: mp_maxrounds 20

I haven't played on my server to confirm it yet, but from a quick look at the
players' scores (while I am in school...), map still get changed often, as I don't
see anyone gets pass 70 ~ 80 points.

I see that other people set theirs, for the 24/7 Dustbowl, as:

mp_maxrounds 0
mp_winlimit 0

So I have to explicitly assign the '0'?

To sum it up, here are my questions:

By setting them as:

mp_maxrounds 0
mp_winlimit 0

Does it mean the map won't reload at all?

How about if I do want the map to reload, like every three hours, how should I set the values?

After changing the value(s) in the server.cfg, is there a way to refresh the server.cfg without
restarting the server? I don't want to lose my players by restarting the server, for such a minor

And if there is no way to refresh the server.cfg without restarting, how about will the server.cfg
get refreshed when the map reloads?

Any help would be really appreciated!!

By the way, how do I tab the text in my post, or add additional spaces? Toungue
CrazyHamster Wrote:P.S.
By the way, how do I tab the text in my post, or add additional spaces? Toungue

You can use the BBCode Code tags
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Thanks Drocona. I will check out the BB Codes, and try to use them later. Big Grin
Figured it out myself...

Most guides/suggestions regarding a 24/7 dedicated map that I have found, mention only:


then follow with a lengthy assumptions, and assurances that work well for them...
I don't know how they could make it works without setting this:


which the default value is 30 (as in minutes).

For sure it is a trivial knowledge to many people, yet I have seen this question from many new SRCDS admins, and usually they get a false suggestions.

Finding this, is just a matter of trial and error, but doing so we have to restart the servers like nuking, which might make us getting complains from the hosting...

Hope this little info can helps the others.

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