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Ok i been reading some things and there something i don't get.....

it's all about a server and what you need for one....

what do u mean by all the process u are on about like a server box or desktop computer and does it really make a differance to the lag and another thing to the server how good does a internet connetion need to be to run a Eg....

66 tick server 20 people and zombie mod

sorry for my question if it been answer search button doesn't show on mine hehe
well i can try and answere the first part of your question that asks what's the diff between a server box and a desktop.

Well. a server box, will be dedicated to running for example a counter strike server. unlike a desktop where you will have a graphical interface. like those nice icons and folders you see.

you will not have that in a ideal server box, mostly you will have just like a command prompt. it will be text based. that way. all your resources (CPU,RAM,) will be solely pointed to the game server you are running. In a desktop your resources are shared. with a game server and all the other nice features you see. This can cause the game server to not run at its best. and you can get lag issues and other things.

the other part to your question. hopefully soemone with more knowledge can help you out.
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Dub for the most part you are wrong.

The "ideal" server box you are talking about is running Linux
ONLY Linux servers look like a CMD Window

But Windows Server (which I think is better then Linux) you get the standard interface like with any version of windows

Hope this helped
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In fact, the server and desktop words in the end all point out what kind of outer appearance the computer has (to make it simple) and what kind of hardware is in it.

If we talk about a desktop we are talking about the computer case with the mainstream CPU and a graphicscard.
If we talk about a server mostly it's about a computer in a 1U case (fits in a 19" rack in datacenters) and mostly has the AMD opteron or Intel Xeon CPU's inside without a videocard.

Now there are of course exceptions like a tower server, this is a server that has the case of your normal desktop but has all the stuff of a server inside.

Both can do fine as a machine to run your server on, my gateway server (provides the internet for my home network) is in fact an old desktop computer and does the job fine.

Depending on what you have running on the machine, it may lag or not at all, for example you don't run a game and gameserver at the same time. If you run a HTTP server it won't be a problem running a gameserver along the side of that.

As for bandwidth, that 20 slots 66tick zombie will use quite a bit, I think when full it can get pretty close to using 3000Kbps (3Mbit, or 360KB/s) of your upload connection, if you even have that much.
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Thanks for the replays. They have helped me a lot. i getting a internet conntion that offer's 2.5 megabit connetion upload so it should be good. It the best connetion i can get in the uk for home use =(. but still good.

all i need to run a good steam server it a computer that only has Srcd's running?
Yes, it is recommended over playing and hosting a server on the same computer Wink

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