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Dual-Proc Dedicated Server - Chicago - Premium Network - $99
I have a spare server that I'm looking to rent out the specs are as follows.

Dual Xeon 2.66 GHZ (Two processors)
2 GB DDR memory.
120 GB 7200 RPM SATA Drive.
Windows 2003 Web Edition (new install)
1000 GB Bandwidth Monthly
6 Usable IP's included free.
Free remote reboot port.
Free basic tech support/hands on.
Server is un-managed, will provide as much assistance as possible though.

$99.99 per month. $10 setup fee

Premium Steadfast Bandwidth (Chicago). In addition, all servers come with our InterNAP optimized Performance Network utilizing Level(3), Savvis, nLayer, and TeliaSonera bandwidth and supplemented with local peering agreements, including direct Comcast peering.

This is a superb network and you won't find a box in this price range from steadfast direct or any other resellers there.

Email me: admin at vigeek dot net
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Linux & Windows performance specialist.
Are those Xeons single core?
If not, how many total cores are in the box?
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