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Connect to other Server via chat
Hi all,

i have a huge problem with the webshortcutlist.txt in mani.
i try to connect to another server via shortcut

"@new" connect does not work for me
"@new" C connect
does not work for me

i used google to search but i did not find a thing!
whats the "name" of this type of connecting?

thanks for any help!!!!
Okay now i set in the commandlist.txt the following:
"@new" C connect

and i get this error:

FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE prevented server running command: connect
VALVe has disabled the executing of commands from the server on the client to prevent mis-use.
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okay i got the Answer!
Eventscripts! There is a plugin that allows you to do stuff like des. before.

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