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Server processors vs desktop processors?
Can someone give me a detailed explanation of what the difference is? And maybe some benchmarks, I would like to know more about this...
Thats is a nice question. Smile Also I opened a HomeServer on ym PC with an Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 and 4GB RAM from A-Data. My OS is Windows XP Pro. SP3 32Bit but my Server runs on a Virtual PC on Windows Server 2003 32Bit. On my Windows XP I get 500-600 FPS with Windows Media Player and on my Windows Server 2003 I earn 980-1000 FPS with WMP. I think on older Windows Kernel you musst start WMP to earn more FPS on SRCDS. Windows Vista and higher dont have this problems with the FPS.

PS: My Server runs with Highrates and Tickrate 100
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All the processors C2Q/D and the Xeons are made from the same cores, only difference with the xeons is that they can work together with a second or even a third CPU installed on one motherboard.

The normal Core2Q/D's don't have this ability.
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Oh okay, thanks... Smile

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