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I'm sure there are a thousand other posts on this, but the search never works I always get completely unrelated topics.. I'll be blunt I just want to know really quickly if Xeon processors are acceptable for CS:S servers, and how FSB effects the server as well. thanks
#2 take a look at that server for instance and tell me what it could do if you could please, that's kinda my price range and I'm just wondering about multi/single core and all that jazz
Looks good, I don't see anything wrong with it, what you need to know is if you have the right internet for it or not. Smile
I'm looking to run a couple of CS:S servers as well as maybe a TF2 server on it I just kinda wanna know what it could handle in terms of players and number of servers, the network is not going to be a problem
This looks ike the P4 based Xeon CPU.

Maybe 40 slots CSS per CPU or one TF2 server per core (like 28 players)
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Drocona Wrote:This looks ike the P4 based Xeon CPU.

Maybe 40 slots CSS per CPU or one TF2 server per core (like 28 players)

Wow that's the answer I was looking for hehe thanks a bunch
Are you coloing this or running it at home?
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I was thinking of co-loing it locally however I'm just trying to find the most efficent way to do this, currently I'm looking at just paying for a dedicated server in Dallas like these ones howerver I'm having difficulty trying to find a powerful enough box to suit our needs at the moment.
Like what I wanna know is what is more important, CPU or RAM or HDD? Don't worry about the connection it's covered like If I want to run 3 CS:S @ 32 and 1 TF2 @ 32 and maybe a CS1.6 like what kinda specs should I look for?
You would need a Quad Core for that. Something like the Q6600, or equivalent.

For that setup, you could probably get away with 2GB ram but to be safe 4GB would be good, especially if you don't plan on restarting that TF2 server daily.

Any size hard drive, as long as it is 7,200RPM or more. Server files are 1 - 3GB depending on the game.
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Definatly, a Quad-Core is the way to go. Should handle your needs perfectly, and about 2GB Ram, 4GB recommended, but no biggie.
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Well I've decided to rent a server on a monthly basis, it seems like a good deal about 215 a month for a unit with a Quad CORE2 Q6600 2.40GHz, 4GB of w/e ram 2000Gb B\W 320Gb Sata drive, as well as 16 IPs.... cause you never know... Comes with Plesk and I'm going with a 64Bit ubuntu OS, we're gonna find out how she runs by the end of the week for sure, and I'll get back to you on how it preforms for future users
Alright so I've finally got my servers up and running and I'm online (it's so exciting hehe) and so far I haven't run into preformance issues with having 3 CS:S servers! I'll update more on it later
Good to hear, should be able to run a lot more yet.
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