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Got some probs with Dedicated server
Hello. I have the "Dedicated server" In "Steam" Tools you know ? I have Srcds too.. but its weird.. Anyways, lets go to the problem

1. When i am making the server.. It says "Dont respond" or something, but i can join it..

2. WHEN it works.. How do i get quake sounds ? I have the mp3 files but where do i put them ? List of dir's i put the sounds is below:

C:\Program\Steam\steamapps\killer_acp123\source dedicated server\cstrike\sound

C:\Program\Steam\steamapps\killer_acp123\source dedicated server\cstrike\DownloadLists

But it still doesnt work.. I mean,, it doesnt even downloads when someone connecting to the server...

If you could help me, i would REALLY appriciate it (spelling) lol
1. You must portforward several ports.

2. You're totaly wrong, you won't need "DownloadLists"..

Do you have Mani Admin Plugin?
1. I have portforward. 1B. i dont need to, i have a ADSL Modem

2. Where should i put them then... ?

3. Yes, i have the winrar file. I dont know how to install MAP either.
Here is a guide to MAP:

Sounds = cstrike/sounds/quake

Other files into cstrike/cfg
(They are already prepared to move, just extract it).
Oh, okay.. So.. I have to insert the whole map XD. But cstrike/cfg, whats that ? What you mean ?

I thought scrds was a MUST to have custom sounds XD My friend told me that
anyways, whts the diffrent on source dedicated server in steam tools and scrds ?
The Steam Tools one is a crappy version.

SRCDS works and are more reliable to everything!
Oh, okay.. But should i place my sounds here

C:\Program\Steam\steamapps\killer_acp123\source dedicated server\cstrike\sounds/Quake

Just extract the folder into C:\Program\Steam\steamapps\killer_acp123\source dedicated server\cstrike

With all the content, and then it should work!
Oh... But.. The rar file is with like 4 diffrent quake sounds.. Its with female, dark, normal and germany.. and i want female and dark..

I have done that now.. But it still doesnt work.. Do i need anything ? I mean.. I havent done anything with it XD Do i need any other programs ?
You won't need programs. You will have to rewrite the quake sound files to use german, dark or female.
What you mean ?
Alright.. Now i have packed my sounds up.. I made a map called "quake" and then i moved all the Female sounds there.. Now i extracted it in C:\Program\Steam\steamapps\killer_acp123\source dedicated server\cstrike\sounds

Still doesnt work..
I tryed C:\Program\Steam\steamapps\killer_acp123\source dedicated server\cstrike
but it still doesnt work :S Do i need Metamod ? What is tht btw ? Do i need MAP ? What is that too XD ?
You will need MAP. And now it depends on if you're using it as a MetaMod plugin or stand alone plugin(vdf).
Oh, okay.. But cant you help me.. Please.. My friend is installing MetaMod right now.. And we are following the guide you made me. AFter we made that, should the sounds work then ?

Btw, we arent using scrds.. Is tht a prob ?
That could be a problem. You won't be able to load MetaMod with Steam's Dedicated Server Tool.
When you startup the server, the file will be reset to default. (gameinfo.txt)
Oh shit !!! It takes like 2 hours to get srcds !! Please tell me that there is another way XD.. Anyways, his getting scrds right now.. But we dont understand this part :S

First edit (or create) c:\srcds\cstrike\cfg\server.cfg like you want it to be. Now we are ready to run the srcds.

we dont have a server.cfg file.. And how do i make a server.cfg file ? What should i write in it ? lol

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