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srcds problem :O
Look, i had a garrysmod server about half a year ago on this computer with srcds. (all fully working)

Then i decided to do a fully computer clean so all shit got removed.
Then i decided to download my server again and start running it..
Now we come to the problem that no1 can connect to it :O
The ip in my portforwarding list is the same as the computers (a piccy):
[Image: ta5x1u.jpg]
My windows firewall is not even activated.
Before i also tryed to enable DMZ that opens all my routers ports, still dont work :I

Any ideas what the problem is?
with progam yo use to see that
He probably uses his Router Web Interface.
Also i cut out the picture with screenclipping tool that is from vista
did you run the server on vista before, because that could be the problem
[Image: 3386928252.png]
ofc, it was on same computer and i havent changed anything with my set of router, modem and switch

Mycomputer -> Net-gear 5 ports switch -> D-Link router -> Zyxel Modem -> internet.

The supporter admins here thinks that its my modem that is blocking the path.
But i find hard connecting to that fucking box!
Try this, that's what I use to connect to my Zyxel Box.
realchamp Wrote:Try this, that's what I use to connect to my Zyxel Box.

Quite funny Hazz.
Well, the IP you posted is a private IP. No-one outside your local network can access your router by typing its private IP.
The point realchamp was trying to make was that if the OP had a Zyxel modem, the OP can connect to it with that IP.

realchamp wasn't trying to let other people connect to realchamps modem.
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Also, he might check his firewall on this computer, since he said nothing changed in the network.
Im trying with this one more time, last week i had my computer at my mother wich i aint usually got, there i just configured the ports and it worked, went back to my father and it aint working, so it CANT be my computer, i got DMZ enabled on the router so it CANT be the router?, whats left? Yeah the modem. But i cant seem to connect to it >Sad

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