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WRT54G Being a pain
I know a topic like this has been brought up millions of times, so here's another. Guys, it's port forwarding again. Linksys WRT54G Router. I have disabled Windows firewall, disabled AVG firewall, disabled the Router's SPI firewall, Port forwarded 27015 and 27005 to name a few, tried DMZ, and yet, my server will not appear on the steam server list. I'm very certain it isn't my computer causing the problem, since LAN games are just fine. So what am I doing wrong?

Many thanks to people who help me.

What IP are you using? Make sure it is your external IP and not your LAN IP. Also, try contacting your ISP to make sure those ports are open on their end.
Alright, post screen shots of your port forwarding.
Also, connect directly to the modem and do an ipconfig /all
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With the WRT routers you need to crack/flash the firmware to a cracked version, it's one of the most common ones available (I just forgot the name... last time I used it was 2 years back).
Once you flash it and configure it correctly everything works.
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your router should work with factory firmware. BUT the best firmware out there is
Excellent, thanks for all of your help so far guys! I'm very sure I'm asking people to connect to my external IP. Funny thing is, it changes everytime I reset the modem. Speaking of which, I tried connecting my PC directly to the modem, GMod worked right away. Even with my AVG firewall enabled. So, things definetly point to the router. I've been considering about flashing the firmware on my router. I hear it's the thing nowadays. I've also heard of Tomato, as well as the dd-wrt. Which one is better, as in more user friendly, but also gets the job done? Also, the reason I've hesitated is I think I might screw up my router. Will I be able restore the factory firmware just in case?

P.S I didn't receive an email notifying me of a reply. Does the E-mail notification system work ok?

Correction: Things definetly point to the router. Not the modem.
Nevermind, I got it working. Loaded DD-WRT, forwarded port 27015, and my server works like a dream. Damn linksys, why do they always have to make things so difficult?
I use a Netgear Router and love it! My old Linksys never seemed to be user friendly at all...
Lol Netgear may be my next choice when I come to the decision of buying routers.

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