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I have a feature request for this website, It would be nice to see a Wiki put up, which is generally easy to install using MediaWiki.

I read that there was some updates coming soon, but I didn't know if a Wiki was a possibility.
I've talked about this with the moderators, initially we'd have a knowledge base managed by the staff, including a completely new design.
I however have no idea how long this is going to take for SirTiger to complete since he's very very busy with his study.

Alternatively KingGoilio has had for a while and has set up a wiki a few days back which we will be filling up with stuff.
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I didn't even know of Big Grin

Maybe there should be a link off this website to that one, called "Wiki" or something.
Before I announced it I was waiting for their to be a little bit of content, but hey now everyone knows they can start adding stuff as well.
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