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Console won't run
Hi I have a problem running srcds.

It used to run fine on my PC however I tried it yesterday and it didn't work...ran hldsupdatetool which updated everything...still didn't work.

So I removed everything and did a clean install following the instructions exactly as on the srcds tutorial page, however the problem still persists.

By double-clicking on srcds.exe I get the GUI up and that works fine, however any attempt to use a command line ie. run through the console, nothing happens.

I have tried using the Run... box (C:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game "Counter-Strike Source" +map de_dust2 -maxplayers 12 -autoupdate) and tried varying this but simply nothing happens.

I have also tried running cmd.exe, then doing cd C:\srcds, and then running the srcds -console....and when I do this simply nothing happens, it just gives me another prompt, no error or anything.

As I say, GUI runs fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Tom Ayres
If just by removing the -console from the startup line, it works perfectly, that could be a much bigger problem than SRCDS. Does your Command Prompt work?
By removing the '-console' from the command line I simply get the same reaction:

- Nothing, when typed in 'Run...'.
- Just another prompt when typed in the command prompt.

Any ideas..?
If it's possible, can you show us a screenshot of the action?
No problem

Screen1.bmp shows the effect upon using the console command line in cmd.exe

Screen2.bmp shows that the location of files is correct (C:\srcds)

Screen3.bmp shows that the HLDS installation is up-to-date

Screen4.bmp shows the effect upon simply typing srcds (the GUI appears)

Thanks again for the efforts.
It's -game cstrike Wink
-game "Counter-Strike Source" is for the updater only.
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Ohhhhhh how stupid of me...
Can't believe I made such a silly mistake

Oh well, frustration over xD

Thanks very much (Y)

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