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Quake sounds won't change
Ok Smile I hope you guys can help me, cause zomg i worked for hours on this and used google many times, and I still can't find what the problem is.

So...let me explain.
I have a server, it's up and running. I downloaded mani Admin mod. Worked like a charm. Then, i installed mani quake sound pack. thats where the problem starts. Btw, yes I've enabled the sounds from the "mani_quake_sounds" file. they WORK, they just won't CHANGE. Toungue

The "male" quake sounds works fine, but then i go in the sound/quake file and overwrite the .mp3 files by the females voice one. simple right? Now, even if the files are overwritten (aka deleted), when I get on my's still the male quake sounds. How does that work? The .mp3 files are gone!

so my one and only question Smile How do I modify the "default" (male) quake sound to the female quake sounds?

"side info" the server is hosted from my home, if that makes any difference...

Thx so much for trying to help in advance, your forums have been a great help to me with other problems! Smile
I dont know if it will work.. But you could try to turn the male one off in your quake config.. then just download female and turn them on.. ?
I FIXED IT. So...for anyone it may help:

mani quake sounds SOMEHOW always reads the male quake sound if its in the original "quake" folder. In order to change it, you need to make a new folder with the new quake sound...go in ur quakesoundlist.txt and switch them all to ur new folder Smile
Just a little explanation, your server does not overwrite files people already have. So when you replace them with the same filename you might hear them correct but others still hear the ones they downloaded earlier.
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