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How? 2 CSS Servers Running At 1 Time?
OK so i have 2 servers running CSS on port 27015 and TF2 on 27016 now i copied the SRCDS folder for my 2nd CSS server now Ive tried the most common ports like 27019 27020 27025 for it but still get *Cant Allocate port* Message As well i changed the port for my second css Server to the basic 27015 and it still says *Cant Allocate port* but my first css server works fine. Now i will send my Config File to show you my settings

// ********************
// ********************

Hostport 27019

// ***************
// ***************

hostport 27019                    // The port of the server (default is 27015)
hostname "SRCDS TEST"        // Name of server
sv_lan 0                             // Change it to 1 if you want a LAN only Server
sv_region 3                          // Europe
rcon_password "xxx"                 // Password for most things
// sv_password "password"            // To make a private server
sv_contact     // The contacts email address

Ok And this is the Start up Line "C:\SRCDS GG\srcds.exe" -game cstrike +map de_dust2 +maxplayers 18 -port 27019 -tickrate 66 +exec server.cfg +fps_max 600

And Here are the Settings for my Router




Well hope all this information helps out! Thanks Guys!

Updated: Ports 27019 are now not open twice (still dont work)
Port allocation is not a problem with anything other than the machine it's running on.
I always say try to increment ports with values of 10 (27015, 27025, 27035, etc.),
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Ah ok cool will give it a test with 27035

Update Still no go Sad as well firewalls are turned off

UPDATE: Found out my problem it was my dam command line copyed it with my original Server and added the -port 27035 and it worked!

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