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Well, i figured out that the port i was on the whole time couldn't host, so now i can host... but only on srcds nothing else.. BUT people can join.. but one problem, i can't lol i tried my internal ip, i tried my external ip, i tried everything..
I don't know what is wrong at this point now Sad
Server IP -
You can always join your own server from inside the network and if the server owns the external IP you can also join by that one, just make sure you are typing in the correct addresses etc.
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I can go inside my servers and see the server and click it, but it stays at 'connecting' while others are in it >.>
Doh, after long search..
I forgot to change my firewall ports back to 27015..
they were at 27030 XD We're all good now.. 5 days payed off Smile

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