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Looking for a way to communicate with the DS
Basicly I am looking for a web-stat program so I can show server info on my website. The web-server is a different server then the 4 game-servers I host so I need some way to communicate with the damn things...

I found some scripts like PHPRcon which doesnt work or PHPAdmin which is only intresting localy....

All other scripts are for 1.6< and not for CS:S..

So you guru's have any thoughts ????
What kind of information are you looking to display? We have a link with and that shows the #of players, what map they are on and historical data over the last year. You might want to try that.

Thats the thing I want to view BUT I want to do / make it myselve Smile
I guess I would say why re-invent the wheel when someone already has done it. Maybe you can get the source code from ServerSpy
They are a commercial company, doubt they would release it. Gaming Servers
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psychoquery works for source and it's pre built into the latest version of psychostats.

If you want to run commands on the server remotely and while not in the game, try hlsw
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