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LF CS:S Server Admins

My clan (PBO) needs sponsors/admins to keep the servers going! As we know that we are still to noobish, we sell admin spots! This is a COunter Strike: SOurce server running 20Slots (66tic) 24/7, 12Slot Private (66Tic) and a TS15 Slot! For €5\Month u become a [u] FULL[\u] admin on our Public server!
This includes:

Public server:
-admin skin
-admin chat
-player management
-fun player management
- kick/ban
-give cash
- reserved slot
- And more!

Private server:
As this server is used for wars and practise wars, u will get the same as at the pub server, but not: givecash, admin skin, reserved slot, sound, fun player (as this is not needed Wink )

We currently got like 7 players paying for the server (3 of these stop @ 10/01/09) and give us atm €12, its about € 10 to short to keep the servers up.
We accept paypal. As soon as I received your payment, u will get the admin rights on our servers.
FOr more info, send a mail to:
Our clan site:
Finalbattleground site:

[Image: cstrike2-01.png]

So just give me a shout Wink

Grtz, Flo

Not trying to be rude, but ya gotta have 30+ posts to post an advert.

I learned the hard way... hehe Smile

Although i do wish you luck my friend.
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Some advice would be to get your server populated, and get regulars. If its a good server, people will pay for admin. Also advertise it on your server as well.
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There is a Nifty "REPORT" button on the right hand corner of every post.
Feel free to use it nextgi, we don't bite Wink

As nextgi said, you need 30+ posts to post an ad.

I'll let it fly if you edit out the info about donating money.
I'm sure you'll hit 30 posts soon anyways Smile
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Ow, ok sorry m8's, my bad Wink Ill delete the donation thing Toungue

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