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24 Slot Dark RP on this config?
OK I am trying to decide what type of computer confiq I would require to host a 24 slot GMod Dark RP server with a per person prop limit of either 25, 30, or 50. I'm thinking a Pentium D 830 and 2 gigs of 800 MHz ram would suffice. My internet connection though, I'm not so sure of. I have a 10 mbps download and a 2 mbps upload connection from Verizon. I'm just not sure that will be able to power my server and my rig. Well, what do you guys think?

Also how many people would I be able to host with a quad core 2.4 ghz, 8 gigs of ram, and a 20/20 internet connection?
I have no idea what this Dark RP thing is but if it involves building things you will not find a processor capable of holding 24 slots on garrysmod
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Dark RP is just a roleplay gamemode. So it should be ok, best bet is to try it out.

Pentium D is pretty old now, go for a C2D with a high clock speed (2.4Ghz+) if you can afford too.
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DarkRP shouldn't run too different from a normal build server. DarkRP lags the server a little more with all the logging.

Upgrade the processor, and you should be fine. The net connection should work, depending on the amount of usage in your subnet.

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