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Need help with 64 slot server
I have a 64 slot server, running battlegrounds 2 (srcds orangebox mod)

We reach 60+ players alot, and we have alot of lag, here is a screenshot of the net graph:

[Image: 4kwkcy.png]

We currently run at tickrate 33, and have these settings in our server.cfg:
sv_maxrate 20000
sv_maxupdaterate 66

We also run srcdsfpsboost.exe, which is a little program that does the same as windows media player.

How can I optimise server to reduce lag?
Whats your brandwidth specs?

And hardware specs?

And set sv_maxupdaterate too 33.'
(Since you have 33tick)
[Image: 383426750.png]

Intel Xeon 2.4Ghz
768mb ram
Okay, brandwidth specs no problem there.

What serial number is that Intel Xeon?
I dont know what you mean by serial number, but here is the cpu-z readout if that helps:

[Image: 302w60y.png]
Ohh, I ment the Intel Xeon X3220 thats the serial number Smile (I think :/).

I'm not so good too those types CPU's. My quess would be it's simply overloaded. But I'm not a 100% sure.
Any idea of rates I can add or remove, and is running srcdsfpsboost.exe helping or not
I don't think you should run srcdsfpsboost.exe on such a high amount of server slots.
(I've seen it make it lag more, on other servers).

You might wanna reduce the rates abit. (It could help)
sv_maxrate 15000
sv_maxupdaterate 33 (Since it's 33tick, you won't need to have 66)
Ok, thanks for the advice, I will try this
Okay, no problem Smile
It's simply maxing out your CPU.

You can try to lower the servers FPS to something like 50 to reduce the CPU stress a bit.
Else you just need a better CPU to run this amount of players, it's not cheap and it's hardly possible to get a lag free 50+ player server even with the old CSS source engine.
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