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What can I run?
Here are my specs:

-AMD Phenom 9600 Quad Core 2.3GHz (x64)
-4Gb of RAM
-320GB Hard Drive
-OS: Windows Server 2003

I will be colocating it with ColocationAmerica, and will have a dedicated 100mbps internet port, with 1mbps bandwidth (at 95th percentile). I have pretty much unlimited IP's, as long as I can justify what I'm going to use them for. I was just wondering how many servers could I run on this?

P.S. This is a very similar server to the Professional Level package from, and here is what they say: "With the Professional Level Package you can fit between 7 and 30 game servers. It depends on if you decide to ping boost your game servers or not and how many slots that you want on your game servers."

I want to run 2 gmods, a tf2, dods, and css; and I want to know what kind of tickrate I can set, and whats the number of slots I can hold?

Thanks in advance!
I think the CPU will handle about 200 slots, but not sure, haven't tried phenoms yet.

The bandwidth however (1mbit) will only allow a 24/7 full server with 14 slots...
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That isn't the download/upload rate, just the bandwidth rate. (If that was explained to me correctly) A few game server providers host servers with the same colocation company (Colocation America), and rents game servers out off their servers.

They said that it is 1Mbps, not mbps (byte and bit), and that I can average 1Mbps on it, but it can burst to 100Mbps.

I'm sorry I worded it wrong in the OP.
1Mbps is megabits. 1 MBps is megabytes. I have never heard of a company that bills by MBps.

If this is shared bandwidth (in which case you typically shouldn't be billed at 95%), then a 1Mbps "average" is not good news for gaming. 1 Mbps @ 95% doesn't really make any sense as 95% billing is usually used for dedicated bandwidth where you are not capped or limited, there shouldn't be an "average" you receive.

I think you are misunderstanding what they are told you. Long story short, if you are going to be running lots of slots and need good performance, you will probably want dedicated bandwidth -- or shared bandwidth with > 1Mbps average.

If you are looking for something in LA, where these guys apear to be located, CalPOP is a good value choice to investigate. I think they charge something like $100/mo for co-location and 10Mbps dedicated capped or burstable.
And what I was trying to explain is that you will be billed for 1mbit 95th like you said, so if you use 100mbit all the time you will get one hell of an expensive bill.
That's why I said if I assumed you have a 14 slot server full all month long you'll be at that 1mbit.
In reality your server will probably be full 60% of the time, so you do the math Smile
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My friend hosts approximately 20 servers for his Game Server business over the same plan, and he doesn't know the upload/download rates for sure, but he says that they are plenty to run his business, and will be plenty for me as well.

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